Room 3

All bookings subject to confirmation by return email!


Room Size:
Approximately 6m x 6m excluding chair/table storage space

Suggested use but not limited to:
Workshops, AGM’s, public meetings, seminars, yoga, exercise classes, youth and craft groups.

Seating available:
Presentation/Theatre style seating, approximately 35 people

Tables available:
3 medium and 2 large trestles plus 2 small tables.

3 x wall mounted

Natural lighting:

Electric lighting:

Heat pump

Access to facilities:
Ground floor with two toilets, including one mobility-accessible toilet across hallway.
There is a kitchen adjacent with fridge, microwave, continuous hot water, dishwasher and stove. A servery connects to the kitchen through to room 3. Note – this kitchen is shared with all users in the House.

Community Group,
where the cost for your attendees is minimum, free or koha based

$20 for up to 3 hours
$50 per day
Small Business or Commercial Group
$40 for up to 3 hours
$70 per day