Room 6

All bookings subject to confirmation by return email!

Room size:
Approximately 6m x 5.5m

Suggested use but not limited to:
Seminar, workshop, yoga, family meeting, music group, youth group.

Seating available:
Approximately 22 people in presentation style or a circle.

Tables available: 1 medium and 2 large trestles, 1 small table.

1 x wall mounted, 1.2m x 1.5m

Natural lighting:

Electric Lighting:


Access to Facilities:

A Kitchenette is available with crockery, small microwave, fridge and continuous hot water system.
Toilet facilities at end of hallway down from this room.

Community Group,
where the cost for your attendees is minimum, free or koha based  $20 for up to 3hours
$50 per day
Personal Business or Commercial Group
$40 for up to 3 hours
$70 per day