Room 7

All bookings subject to confirmation by return email!

Room size:
Approximately 6m x 4m

Suggested use but not limited to:
Discussion group, support group, small seminar/workshop, family meeting, mediation meetings.

Seating Available:
approximately 16 people in presentation style or a circle

Tables Available:
3 medium trestle and 1 small table

1 x wall mounted, 0.90 x 1.80m

Natural Lighting:
Very good

Electric Lighting:
Very good

Heat pump

Access to facilities:
Kitchenette with small microwave, fridge,  crockery and tea/coffee making facilities. Toilet facilities through white door at the end of the hallway also downstairs off main hallway.

Community Group:
Where the cost for your attendees is minimum, free or koha based

$23 for up to 3 hours use
$55 per day
Small Business or Commercial Group
$45 for up to 3 hours use
$75 per day

Room 7